Assignment Handler

As a distributor of products from different suppliers, you are used to receiving product assets with different file names. One supplier provides you with an article number and article description, while another gives you only the article number and a color code. Given these circumstances, how can you assign the delivered product assets to the correct product node for each brand without having to search for it one by one?

Thanks to our «Assignment Handler» extension, this is done completely automatically. You can create a folder for each supplier and define the rules within the user interface for each supplier. As soon as a new asset is uploaded in CELUM ContentHub, the extension takes care of extracting the information and assigning it to the correct node in the product hierarchy. To ensure that the product hierarchy is always up to date, PIM connectors such as «Akeneo Connect» and «novomind Connect» or customizations for the connection of your ERP system are available.

Make a significant contribution to increasing your efficiency regarding the placement of media assets in the product structure.

Assignment Handler facilitates the acceptance of foreign assets and their information