Metadata Mapper

This alternative to the standard «IPTC/XMP Assignment» can extract all metadata (IPTC, EXIF, XMP, ...) from an asset and store selected values as an information field. Multiple fields can serve as the source for one information, i.e. it doesn't matter if the image was tagged using IPTC or EXIF.

Additionally, the keyword module can be set to only apply keywords in certain sub-nodes or even create new keywords there.

Thanks to the versatile architecture it is also possible to transform the input data, e.g. extract the year from the «creation date» and apply it as a keyword.

You can go even further by adding custom logic, allowing you to transform the input, e.g. convert the creation date to a season keyword (2016.12.06 -> Winter) or use the width and height to set the keywords «landscape» or «portrait».

Quickly read metadata through mapping and save a lot of time!