MS Azure Custom Tags

Improve your image analysis in specific application areas with «MS Azure Custom Tags» by using your taxonomy to automatically tag your images. The Custom Vision AI service from Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services helps you do this without requiring any prior machine learning experience.

For accurate custom tags, start by training the company-specific endpoint by uploading as many images as possible from different angles, lighting conditions, etc. and assigning them to the appropriate tags. Based on these tags, you can test the model. By adding new images, you can continuously increase the accuracy of the image recognition thanks to a feedback loop.

As a matter of fact, «MS Azure Custom Tags» works the same way as «MS Azure Autotagger», with the difference that the extension uses your tags based on the image references you have trained, instead of the generic tags provided by Microsoft.

Note: Pricing and availability can be checked directly on the MS Azure Cognitive Services website.

Extend your CELUM DAM with «MS Azure Custom Tags» for custom tagging – backed by the AI service MS Azure Custom Vision.