Upload Request

Do you want your CELUM ContentHub to be filled with assets and keyworded by read-only users or completely without login, or do you also want to receive «user-generated content» in your portal?

With the extension «Upload Request» you can easily and independently create any number of upload links to folders of your choice. Each upload link can be set up individually according to your needs so that you only receive files on the ContentHub that you actually want – including the required metadata. If needed, you can also allow new values to be created during upload for certain information fields with defined keywords.

Create upload forms with a selectable storage mode, predefined asset type and the required information fields. Additionally, define the required mandatory fields and limit the allowed file types, file size, and file count. Determine how to handle duplicates and whether to search for them throughout ContentHub or only in the upload folder and below.

Specifically for event photography, we offer the option «Autoupload», with which the metadata are selected first. The upload then takes place automatically – always keyworded with the metadata currently selected in the form.

Decide whether a CELUM login is required for authentication, how long the upload link is valid, which features are offered to the recipient at all and in which branding (predefined using CSS) the form should appear.

The created links can be sent via email or embedded on a website. If you wish, a PIN link to the upload node can be created and displayed directly after an upload.

For the efficient upload of structured media content, the extension allows the upload of entire folder structures, provided that the browser used supports this, and in the case of a bulk upload, the editing of the metadata of individual assets.

With the «Sort and Rename» function, you can already determine meaningful names for your assets during the upload and ensure consecutive numbering. The sorting can be adjusted easily using drag-and-drop and thanks to the specification of a prefix and/or suffix as well as a start number, the naming is carried out exactly according to your requirements.

Would you like to upload images or videos on the go directly from your smartphone? No problem! The upload links are mobile-friendly and impress with the same range of functions.

Do you have other needs? Together with you, we will find a suitable solution – we look forward to hearing from you.