Upload Request

If you want users with or without a CELUM account to be able to submit content to your DAM system or you wish to aggregate "user generated content" in your portal, you can easily create "Upload Requests". To get exactly what you require, certain restrictions or predefined defaults (such as the asset type) can be applied.

The upload form can be created with certain save mode, predefined asset type and the corresponding information fields (and mark them as required as well). In addition the preferred file type, the maximum file size and number of files can also be restricted.

You can also enable authentication via a CELUM login and adapt the upload form with your individual branding.

The generated links can either be sent via E-mail or you can embed them into any website, as the links are valid for an arbitrary number of uploads.


  • 25-Jan-2019: Added progress bar to show upload status.
  • 04-Dec-2018: Upload-Reqeust save settings as templates.
  • 29-Nov-2018: Added language switcher.
  • 22-Nov-2018: Switched to Chunk-Uploads (splits big files into "packages")
  • 18-May-2018: Added branding properties.
  • 18-May-2018: Maximum file upload size definable.
  • 15-February-2018: Presetting of text information fields possible.
  • 15-February-2018: Save mode selectable: create folder, choose folder or let the uploader decide.
  • 12-December-2017: Authentication via a CELUM user.
  • 21-July-2017: Added editable information fields (can be marked as required).
  • 27-June-2017: Configure allowed media types or file extensions.

The functionality of this plugin will be further extended (validity period of upload request, login with password). If you have any specific requirements, please don't hesitate to contact us.