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Integrate assets managed in CELUM directly into any website


With brix:anura you can integrate your CELUM media objects, for example as image- and video galleries or document downloads, into existing websites or brand portals - simple and flexible. This ensures that they remain up-to-date at all times without the need for manual data management in the CMS.

brix:anura is built using a CELUM extension for the back-end and a collection of components (modular jQuery plug-ins) for the front-end.

The constantly growing number of components we have developed for brix:anura allows CELUM DAM assets to be easily integrated into almost any web-based platform - all in compliance with your corporate design.

Be directly hands on with the product. Explore all functionalities and features of brix:anura in the live demo.

Impeccable Functionalities


Easy to use

brix:anura connects your Content Management System (CMS) with your CELUM DAM. Manage your media objects centrally and with the authorization system you are already familiar with. As a result, you save time and money.

Oriented around your needs

Due to the seamless integration (no iframe) the integrated components inherit a large part of your website's design. Depending on your needs, further settings and CSS adjustments can be made at any time. brix:anura can be used as an API and offers a number of protection options.

Individual combination

The brix:anura frontend plugins are independent components that you can freely combine and with which you can customize your CMS integration. Additional integrations with third-party components can be realized easily through events and callbacks.


Improve the user experience. Use brix:anura with reverse proxies such as Varnish, NGINX or a cloud provider (CDN) to ensure stable performance at high traffic - the API is designed for this.

Get to know our frontend plugins

all-in-one and out-of-the-box

Key Features

Seamless Integration

brix:anura can be integrated seamlessly into any website — there is no dependency on a CMS and it requires neither an iFrame nor a microsite (unlike CELUM Smart Views).

Multifaceted Search

Automatic reduction of the search criteria, i.e. the available values, so that the filter search always leads to a result, and shows the number of "remaining" assets on that value.

Powerful API

Our API allows you to use brix:anura as an AssetPicker. If the frontend plugins can't or won't not be used, the integration can also be done via API.

Add-on Modules

Additional Endpoints

For integrations with the same CELUM DAM system, but with different authorization sets, we offer additional endpoints as modules.

Access Protection

Access protection is provided through access tokens; for CELUM authentication this includes the option of dynamically determining the endpoint via membership of a CELUM user group.

Registered Download

Security module that allows a download only with a CELUM login or by providing an e-mail address.

Further extensions and connectors

Extend your CELUM installation with practical functions and interfaces