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Integrate assets managed in CELUM directly into any website

With brix:anura you can integrate your CELUM media objects, for example as image- and video galleries or document downloads, into existing websites or brand portals - simple and flexible. This ensures that they remain up-to-date at all times without the need for manual data management in the CMS.

brix:anura is built using a CELUM extension for the back-end and a collection of components (modular jQuery plug-ins) for the front-end.

The constantly growing number of components we have developed for brix:anura allows CELUM DAM assets to be easily integrated into almost any web-based platform - all in compliance with your corporate design.

Be directly hands on with the product. Explore all functionalities and features of brix:anura in the live demo.

Further extensions and connectors

Extend your CELUM installation with practical functions and interfaces