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Controlled brand appearance through a web-to-print solution

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Simplify and optimize your publishing processes for your print channel:

  • Business stationery and serial letters
  • Advertisements and posters
  • Fact sheets and other data sheets
  • Flyers and Brochures

Web-to-Print speeds up and simplifies the production of your brand, marketing and corporate communications materials on the basis of predefined, CI/CD compliant templates. Personalizations, individualizations and localizations (e.g. languages, regions, branches, business units) are no longer time-consuming and cost-intensive processes in your company.

With Web-To-Print, the decentralized and independent creation of communication media directly by the organizational units of your company is possible - because it is easy to operate and 100% CI/CD compliant.

The brix experts will work out a publishing solution with you that meets your needs.

W2P significantly reduces costs and expenses in branding, marketing and graphics departments

Clever, smart and functional

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A modern web-to-print system operates intuitively and offers functionalities such as:

  • Definition of fixed and variable content (text and image)
  • Upload of individual images within the scope of the specifications
  • Dependencies between input fields
  • Autonomous administration of predefined content and dependencies
  • Order approval by a controlling instance
  • Definition of special formats
  • Specification of order information for print jobs
  • Live preview, PDF output (office, preview, print) and other output formats

brix:papilio - the Swiss web-to-print solution

With brix:papilio, we offer a smart, flexible and easy-to-use web-to-print solution for decentralized, CI/CD compliant production of your communication materials. The system is available as software-as-a-service (SaaS) or on-premises - with or without interface to CELUM DAM.