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Easy to use, highly efficient, seamlessly integrated

With brix:papilio your business units can easily create web-based personalized marketing materials that are 100% CI/CD compliant.

brix:papilio users do not need any specific knowledge of a layout program. Live previews, as well as preview- and print-PDFs, are created automatically.

The brix:papilio templates are created according to your CI/CD guidelines and can be flexibly and autonomously adapted to new requirements at any time.

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Flexible usage models

Our web-to-print solution can be used either as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) or as an in-house installation.

Alternatively, you can run brix:papilio as a partner or agency. Please ask us for more information here.

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Thanks to our web-to-print service with brix:papilio, both Helvetia marketing as well as the graphics department are massively relieved.

Key Features

Website icons Webbaasiert

Web-based and multi-tenant capable creation of CI/CD-compliant communication material – intuitive, personalized, individualized, localized

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100% Unicode - worldwide applicable in all languages (Asian, Arabic characters etc.), including language-dependent spell-checker

Website icons PDF

Automatic creation of PDFs (Preview, Office, Print) and other output formats such as images or integrations into video clips

Website icons Statistik

Standardized workflow, approval process by corporate entity, ordering of special formats and detailed usage statistics

Website icons Edit

Independent creation of templates and definition of fixed and variable elements and their dependencies on each other

Website icons Sicherstellung

Ensures the integrity of content and layout through rules and dependencies that can be defined easily through the UI

With brix:papilio, we've found the perfect solution to enforce a uniform corporate identity for all our business cards. The employees love the super simple ordering process. Furthermore Sonova is able to integrate local print shops for each region into this centralized solution.

More Features


With our RESTful API you can easily integrate brix:papilio into your system environment, including single sign-on

Rich Text Editor

Edit text with custom text- and paragraph formats; hyperlinks, inline images and mail merge placeholders are supported

Cost Centers

Allocation of costs to cost centers and optional ERP integration create transparency and budget certainty

Add-on Modules

Recommended by our brix:papilio software engineers:

Add-on Modules

CELUM Connector

Manage images, structures and metadata in CELUM DAM and use them in brix:papilio by means of the CELUM Connector


Scale templates by defined rules so that advertisements can be created in different sizes to match the available print space


Capture multi-column texts in just one input field and intelligently add additional pages

Mail Merge

Compose personalized letters, dynamically fill address blocks and placeholders in the body text with the contents of an excel spreadsheet

Group Administrator

Allocate administrators to manage users within assigned groups

Advanced Statistics

Provide granular reports, combining all content (dimensions) usage with filters and pivot tables

Implement brix:papilio for a consistent corporate identity across your company