Duplicate Handler

Use Case

The «Duplicate Handler» extension is used to detect duplicate assets in the system, display them and, if necessary, synchronize the metadata to ensure data consistency and efficiency. The extension comes with two plug-ins. The «Duplicate Check & Sync» allows manual checks to be carried out, while the «De-Duplicator» checks for the potential presence of duplicates in the background and removes them automatically.

  1. Go to the user settings.
  2. Open the content management.
  3. Go to the «Duplicate Check» section.
  4. Click on the «Duplicate Check» button.
  5. Now all duplicates visible to the user will be listed.
  6. Generate a CSV export if necessary.
  7. Preview the generated CSV file before downloading it.
  8. Update the list if necessary.
  9. Select the asset you want to clean up from the list.
  10. The valid asset is displayed in green in the comparison window.
  11. The duplicate is displayed in red. Now determine which asset to keep by clicking on the preview
  12. The filename of the valid asset is automatically taken over
  13. Determine which path should be taken over
  14. Press Save to apply the adjustments and remove the invalid asset

Mandatory information Duplicate Check & Sync:

  • None

Optional specifications see Properties

Mandatory information De-Duplicator:

  • ID of the node on which the plug-in should prevent duplicates.

For optional information, see Duplicate Check & Sync and Asset De-Duplicator.


The permission is done via a separate user group of the extension.

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