Camunda 8 comes

27. April 2022 4 minutes
Camunda 8

The 5 main improvements from Camunda 7 to Camunda 8

Camunda announces nothing less than a new era of processor orchestration for the new version on its website. After a development history of about 10 years, Camunda wants to bring the BPM world, the orchestration, design, automation and optimization of business processes with Camunda 8 a giant leap forward.

What does that mean exactly? And what are the noticeable improvements compared to Camunda 7?

  1. Architecture: It now enables true clustering, resilience, horizontal scalability and geographic redundancy.
  2. Installation: Since Camunda Platform 8 runs on a Kubernetes cluster, it automatically has all the tools it needs.
  3. Web Modeler: Modeling for execution and deployment can now be done in the SaaS model in a web-based interface. Modelers and developers can now work comfortably in a web-based solution.
  4. Connectors: Facilitate integration with external systems, e.g. elements can be linked directly in the BMP model with a REST interface.
  5. Functional improvements: The existing features you love about Camunda Platform 7 have been revised and improved.
    1. Token Simulation: Addition to the Web Modeler for process flow simulation
    2. Desktop Modeler: Redesign and functionality for plugins for extension
    3. API: was completely revised
    4. New features with Optimize 3.8

The official release notes of Camunda 8 can be found here:

To migrate or not to migrate?

In order to answer the question of who should consider using Camunda 8 today, it is important for Camunda 7 users to know whether Camunda is embedded in surrounding systems or used as an independent system.

Here are our recommendations:

Camunda embedded in surrounding systems

If you are currently using Camunda embedded in other surrounding systems, the general recommendation is to continue working with Camunda 7 for the time being.

For your reassurance, it can be said that Camunda will support and further develop Camunda 7 for at least the next five years.

With the next major restructuring or optimization, a switch to Camunda 8 should be considered. However, immediate measures are not necessary.

Scaling and modification

Do you have Camunda Platform 7 embedded in surrounding systems and have difficulties scaling your system? Or are you planning to modify your application?

Then it is still advisable to consider a migration to Camunda 8. We would be happy to advise you for a migration.

Camunda as an independent system

Do you use Camunda Platform 7 independently as an external task orchestrator?

Then you will be happy about Camunda Platform 8. Because Camunda has been optimized for exactly this use case. We would be happy to support you in switching to Camunda 8.

Camunda not yet in use

If you don't have Camunda in use yet or are planning a new project with Camunda, it is recommended to start with Camunda 8 right from the beginning. We are here for you.

Do you have any questions? We will be happy to advise you.

Little helpers for migration

You are concretely thinking about a migration from Camunda Platform version 7 to version 8?

Then this document will be a useful help for you.

Furthermore, we have a detailed description from a Camunda expert here.