ETH decides to implement Sharedien with brix

by Veronika Altenbach

30. March 2023 2 minutes

As the central university library and knowledge hub of ETH Zurich, the ETH Library offers around 17 million analog and digital media covering a wide range of subject areas. For the management and presentation of image collections, E-Pics, which is based on the digital asset management software Canto Cumulus, has been a steadily growing platform used by over 5,000 users daily for many years. However, this will reach its end of life at the end of 2023, which is why a replacement had to be sought utilizing a WTO tender.


We are delighted to have won this tender for a new DAM system and multi-tenant delivery of the comprehensive image catalogs together with Sharedien. This is a great success for our teams and an important milestone in our still young partnership with Sharedien.

Together with the project team of the ETH-Library, we are working on the migration of archival collections, images from university life and marketing, photo collections and bequests, as well as images from literary archives and from art historical object collections. In numbers, we are talking about

  • 40 catalogs
  • 2.2 million records
  • 73 TB of storage space
  • over 20'000 categories

This project allows us to fully leverage the enterprise potential of Sharedien and brix's years of experience as a DAM integration and implementation partner. Our goal is to create a unique Digital Experience for the E-Pics visitors. «ETH relies on a strong power duo from Switzerland», said Roland Kannappel, CEO at brix.

Together, we will make this project a great success – with a lot of heart and commitment.

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