New release: CELUM Content 22.4

by Philipp Böhner

16. May 2022 2 minutes
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The most important in a nutshell

First of all, an important information so that you are not confused. With the new version, CELUM has adjusted the names of your product components. CELUM Workrooms is now called CELUM Work and CELUM ContentHub becomes CELUM Content.

The new product version of CELUM Content brings 3D support and several work simplifications for the users of the DAM system.


  • 3D objects can now be found more easily and quickly with new filter options – thanks to their own file category.
  • 3D objects in CELUM Content are now already recognizable as such in the thumbnail view. The 3D viewer automatically creates a suitable 2D preview image of the object.
  • In the detailed view, thanks to the 3D Viewer, an exciting interactive preview of the 3D objects is now available – multi-dimensional, textured, zoomable and rotatable – rendered live in the browser.

Reuse column configuration

  • Newly, the own settings of the columns in the asset list can be saved and reused.
  • Administrators can define a default column configuration and make it available to users.

Improved search

  • A new search widget allows advanced searches in freely selectable collections (as opposed to just a single collection as before).
  • With just one click, CELUM 22.4 allows you to add up to 200 available search values to the search – using filters and widgets in the advanced search.

You can find all information about the release in detail on the page of our partner CELUM.

Learn more about CELUM Content

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