Recap: Camunda Chapter Basel April 2024

by Kevin Lang

25. April 2024 2 minutes
Camunda Chapter

The second Camunda Chapter Basel Meetup, held on April 16, 2024, focused on the topic of «typical errors in BPMN modeling.»

Chapter Leader Kevin Lang kicked off the event with an introduction to the topic of modeling and the reasons for modeling our processes. He then went into more detail on the use of BPMN for modeling and explained the different abstraction levels.

Guest speaker Thomas Heinrich began his presentation with an introduction to the different types of errors that can occur during modeling, and he clarified the differences between syntactic, semantic, stylistic, and practical errors. Together with the participants, process models that intentionally contained errors were reviewed and analyzed, and then appropriate solutions were presented. Finally, he presented popular BPMN patterns and tools that can help to avoid such problems.

Process expert and Camunda Champion Christian Mächler provided a deep dive into his practical experience, from updating a timer to complex BPMN models with boundary events. You are welcome to read his article «Avoiding Typical Errors in Process Models through Design Patterns» for more information.

A lively discussion round followed the presentations, where participants' questions were addressed, and an attempt was made to jointly solve modeling challenges live. Overall, it was a very informative meetup, and we are already looking forward to the next meeting.

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