What are derivatives?

A derivative is a derived copy of an original (image, video, audio or document) created by applying a transformation or manipulation process. Also referred to as derivative are various conversions or download formats such as, PNG, JPG, GIF, MP4, MP3, PDF, etc. In summary, they are different formats which can be displayed in various sections, color spaces or resolutions from the original.

How are the different types of derivatives used?

Derivatives are an excellent support for communicating messages about your company, brand, or product. Originals are converted into different formats such as sizes, resolutions, or clippings and made available for optimized use on the various communication channels. The use of automatically created derivatives can additionally reduce storage and transmission costs for media – images, videos, audio, or documents – as only the originals are stored and only the required versions are transmitted.


Generating derivatives can increase efficiency and flexibility in managing media content by reducing the number of versions of the original and automating media processing, which in turn saves time and resources. They help create optimized content to support your brand message. Visual media remains an important part of any content strategy and therefore should not be neglected when creating content.

Discover the variety of possibilities

Use state-of-the-art technology to create automatically generated derivatives for a memorable and easy-to-understand image of your brand.