DNG Validate

The Digital Negative Format (DNG, digital negative image) from Adobe is widely used as a lossless raw data format for digital photos.
To ensure that the DNG data is preserved and can continue to be used, it is often stored in the company's own DAM system as the original file.


Manually checking, whether the DNG data is valid, entails an effort that should not be underestimated.


With the brix extension «DNG Validate» for CELUM DAM, this check is now performed automatically (fixity check).


Massively less manual effort and guaranteed better data quality in CELUM DAM.

Data verification:

For data validation we provide

  1. a system task, to check all existing assets
  2. listeners, to check new assets or new versions of assets

Data output:

The test result is fed back directly to the corresponding asset. Depending on the configuration

  • in a dropdown field with the values «valid», «invalid» or «n/a»
  • as a simple checkbox «Valid» (yes /no)
  • if desired: complete output of the check into a text field

Bonus: The «Asset Marker» can be used, to mark the invalid assets in an easily recognizable way.

Improve your data quality with the DNG Validate extension