Drupal extension, with which images and other media objects can be selected directly in CELUM and stored or linked in Drupal CMS via "Asset Picker". The Drupal Connector adds a celum:connect tab to the Drupal Media Module, which is then available in the content types for selecting CELUM assets.

To enable cross-references, the brix Extension Direct Download is included as part of drupal:connect. If an asset from CELUM is used via drupal:connect, the use (linked or downloaded assets) can automatically be written into an information field of the asset in order to mark it in CELUM with a "Drupal bullet", for example. With separate bullets, it can be distinguished whether an asset is linked in the CMS and deletion in CELUM DAM has an immediate effect, or it is simply used there, which has no effect on deletion in CELUM DAM.

In the Drupal celum:connect configuration, the API key of the CELUM user and the ID(s) of the CELUM root node(s) to be used, as well as the "Asset Picker" version to be used can be entered. You can also define the desired download format for the use of the assets in Drupal for each media type. Finally, for the two types of use (download or link), a name can be defined, which will be set as a node-ref value for downloaded resp. linked assets. The related information field is defined in the configuration of the Direct Download extension.

To mark the use in CELUM we recommend our plugin Asset Marker.

Requires: Drupal 8, CELUM CORA, 1 licensed API connection (for CELUM Asset Picker)


  • 02-Aug-2018: Support for multiple Asset Picker versions depending on CELUM installation
  • 04-May-2018: Choose between downloading or linking assets from CELUM and defining the node-ref values for the cross-reference