Email Ingest

In collaboration with other departments or external service providers, you occasionally receive your media (images, documents, etc.) as email attachments. In addition, «scan to email» is often available in multi-function printers. For filing these assets in CELUM ContentHub to be efficient and avoid intermediate steps, our extension «Email Ingest» is a great help.

Send attachments received by email directly to an email account that is connected to an «Inbox» structure node in the CELUM ContentHub, or directly communicate the configured email address, or set it up on your scanner. The mail attachments are automatically uploaded in the ContentHub. Once uploaded, processed emails are marked as read for a better overview.

You can define whether a sub-node with the subject should be created for each email and whether the sender of the email should also be noted in the name of the structure node.

Note: The total size of mail attachments is limited by most mail servers. For larger files and quantities we recommend the extensions Upload Request and Local Hotfolder or Remote Hotfolder.

Email Ingest lets you upload email attachments directly to your CELUM Contenthub