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Email Ingest

In collaboration with other departments or external service providers, you occasionally receive your media (images, documents, etc.) as e-mail attachments. In addition, "scan to e-mail" is often available in multi-function printers. For filing these assets in CELUM ContentHub to be efficient and avoid intermediate steps, our extension "E-Mail Ingest" is a great help.

Send attachments received by e-mail directly to an e-mail account that is connected to an "Inbox" structure node in the CELUM ContentHub, or directly communicate the configured e-mail address, or set it up on your scanner. The mail attachments are automatically uploaded in the ContentHub. Once uploaded, processed e-mails are marked as read for a better overview.

You can define whether a sub-node with the subject should be created for each e-mail and whether the sender of the e-mail should also be noted in the name of the structure node.

Note: The total size of mail attachments is limited by most mail servers. For larger files and quantities we recommend the extensions Upload Request and Local Hotfolder or Remote Hotfolder.