TYPO3 Connect Extension

TYPO3 Connect allows the selection of images and other media objects directly from the CELUM Content.

  • TYPO3 Connect FAL for the navigation in CELUM via FAL (File Abstract.ion Layer) and asset selection from CELUM DAM directly in TYPO3 CMS

When an asset from CELUM is used via TYPO3 Connect, the usage can be automatically written into an information field of the asset to mark it in CELUM with a «TYPO3 bullet» for example.

The usage reference can be written back to an information field in CELUM DAM in two ways, without the need for manual actions:

  1. using our extension «Direct Download» (included), a definable value is set on the field as soon as it is downloaded via the output website
  2. with our extension «REST Infofield Setter» (sold separately) it is possible to implement how the metadata should be set on the asset during CMS integration.

For marking the usage reference in CELUM we recommend our plug-in «Asset Marker».

The API key of the CELUM user and the ID(s) of the CELUM root node(s) to be used can be entered in the configuration of the connector. You can also define the desired download format for the use of the assets in TYPO3 for each media type. For the TYPO3 file list, the display of the filename can be selected between CELUM Asset Name or ID with download format.

Besides the file, metadata (title, description and alternative text) of the asset can also be transferred from CELUM. Multi-language support is also provided. This allows, for example, image captions to be transferred simultaneously in all languages.

With version 2 of TYPO3 Connect FAL, the asset previews already available in CELUM Content are transferred directly to TYPO3 via the connector. This eliminates the need to downscale previews of original assets in TYPO3 and significantly improves performance.

Furthermore, each individual usage location of an asset in TYPO3 can be automatically stored as a public URL on the asset in CELUM. This makes it possible to jump directly to an asset from CELUM Content into the TYPO3 backend and thus helps to implement adjustments (e.g. replacement of an asset, when the usage right expires) in an uncomplicated and fast way.

TYPO3 Connect FAL is a verified connector of TYPO3 as CELUM:connect - DAM Connector for TYPO3.

System requirements TYPO3 Connect FAL:

  • Extension «Direct Download» (included) or Public URLs to CDN for all assets usable in TYPO3
  • Extension «RESTv Infofield Setter» for usage references via public URLs
  • for version 2: TYPO3 CMS from version 11 and CELUM from version 6
TYPO3 Connect fetches images and media directly from CELUM DAM – with high performance and many possibilities