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Immer aktuelle Produktinfos mit DDP

Always up-to-date product information with dynamic database publishing

25. March 2024 3 minutes

Is your company overwhelmed by the constant updating of product data sheets, catalogs, price lists, etc.? Find out how Dynamic Database Publishing can help you to significantly increase efficiency and keep your data up to date in all publications.

Herausforderungen bei der Implementierung von einem W2 P System

Challenges in the implementation of web-to-print / web-to-publish software

05. February 2024 2 minutes

Discover effective strategies for overcoming challenges during the implementation of web-to-print / web-to-publish software within your organization.

W2 P Erfolg durch individuelle Druckerzeugnisse

Web to print (W2P): Success through customized print products

17. November 2023 3 minutes

Are you wondering how you can increase your company's success and work more efficiently with the help of a web to print solution? In this blog post, you will gain insights into the benefits of W2P and learn how you can efficiently design and personalize your print products with this innovative solution.

W2 P

CI/CD-compliant advertising material for franchisors with web-to-print

16. October 2023 2 minutes

Optimize your brand presence! Discover how your promotional materials can be consistently and efficiently adapted to regional needs with a web-to-print solution.

PK Pass

Web-to-Print vs. Web-to-Publish

11. May 2023 2 minutes

In this W2P blog, we look at the differences between Web-to-Print and Web-to-Publish.

Kataloge 2

Review Xactuell Webinar 12.05.2022

20. May 2022 1 minute

On 12.05.2022, the Codeware webinar on «New features in Xactuell» took place. We have summarized the highlights for you in a short and crisp way.

Automatisiertes Publishing

Automated publishing with CI HUB and InDesign

24. February 2022 2 minutes

Need to create brochures, advertisements and flyers with the same basic layout but different content in Adobe InDesign in no time? Take a look at CI HUB, for easy and fast database publishing – it's worth it.

Haecky web catalog

Haecky catalogs – simply up-to-date

01. December 2021 1 minute

With this article, we would like to introduce you to our customer Haecky Fine Food and its use case «catalog production».

Brix papilio logo

Cost-effective individual publishing

01. November 2021 1 minute

Publish standardized communication materials such as factsheets, ads or business cards with the web-to-publish solution brix:papilio.