Haecky catalogs – simply up-to-date

by Veronika Altenbach

01. December 2021 2 minutes

Digital Asset Management and Dynamic Database Publishing – A powerful combination

Find out why Haecky Fine Food relies on this approach and what advantages result from it

Initial situation & challenge

Haecky Fine Food, professional for food specialties, produces a brand-new web catalog every two months and – for sustainability reasons only every two years – a print catalog with delicacies from all over the world. Both versions require a lot of product information and images. Creating these publications used to be timeconsuming and required a lot of manual effort.


Haecky Fine Food relies on our automated catalog production solution with SAP for article and structure information and CELUM DAM for images and logos. Here, the required data is compiled in CELUM and prepared fully automatically in InDesign format using the publishing tool Xactuell. For the web catalog, lightweight PDFs are created directly for the sales force. For the high-quality print catalog, our joint partner McHighend handles the preparation for print production by the Vögeli print shop. With the help of our tools and competent partners, we've been ensuring high-quality and, above all, resource-saving catalog production at Haecky for many years.

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