The PKPass module from brix:papilio in action at Pilatus Flugzeugwerke AG

by Veronika Altenbach

08. September 2023 1 minute

As part of the digital transformation at Pilatus, a key step has been taken towards a consistent brand presence. Following the successful implementation of the web-to-print solution brix:papilio, which enables the standardized creation of advertising materials worldwide using ready-made templates, Pilatus is now rolling out the PKPass module.

PK Pass brixpapilio transparent

By using the PKPass module in brix:papilio W2P, personalized PKPass files can be created effortlessly and in line with the corporate identity (CI) and corporate design (CD). These files are ideal for mobile use and enable the fast and uncomplicated sending of digital business cards, customer cards, tickets, vouchers and much more. By using the generated QR code, the stored data can be seamlessly integrated into the contact app.

With the new brix:papilio module, employees at Pilatus always have their business cards at hand on their mobile devices, which is both convenient and environmentally friendly, as paper is no longer required.

Take the next step towards a consistent brand presence

Discover the benefits of the brix:papilio web-to-print solution and the PKPass module.

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