The smart Swiss W2P solution – brix:papilio

by Veronika Altenbach

19. July 2019 1 minute

With brix:papilio, we have the perfect solution for implementing a uniform corporate identity in the area of business cards. The employees appreciate the extremely efficient ordering option. In addition, despite a central solution, Sonova can determine a local print shop for each region.

Frank Johne, Sonova Corporate Brand Manager

Especially the print channel and thus print productions can be comprehensively cost-optimized with current technologies such as web-to-print, so that you can invest more in your new channels such as e-commerce.

is easy to use and allows your branch offices and organizational units to decentralize the personalized production of various business and marketing materials such as:

  • business cards, letterhead and other business stationery
  • advertisements, posters and invitations
  • flyers and fact sheets and other data sheets
  • and much more.

The brix:papilio templates can be designed and defined very flexibly, according to your requirements. This ensures that the CI/CD guidelines are adhered to by your external offices and organizational units.

All advantages and key features can be found here.

All CELUM DAM users can use their CELUM DAM assets in brix:papilio with brix:papilio Connect.

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01. November 2021

Publish standardized communication materials such as factsheets, ads or business cards with the web-to-publish solution brix:papilio.


brix:papilio 7.0 – New Release

13. June 2019

We are pleased that with brix:papilio 7.0 we were again able to produce numerous customer requests and optimizations of our W2P application.

At this point we present only an excerpt. All new functions and optimizations can be found in our brix:papilio 7.0 Release Notes.


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