Always up-to-date product information with dynamic database publishing

by Veronika Altenbach

25. March 2024 4 minutes
Immer aktuelle Produktinfos mit DDP

Does your company offer various communication tools with products? Are you looking for a way to efficiently create product data sheets, update prices or change the language in pre-designed catalogs at the touch of a button, easily produce individual price lists for each target group and much more?

Then Dynamic Database Publishing (DDP) is the right solution for your company. Find out how you can use DDP to effortlessly keep your product information up to date in all publications at all times and massively increase your efficiency in customization.

Dynamic Database Publishing: What's behind it?

DDP enables the real-time use of data from any data source in all «dynamic» publications such as catalogs, magazines, price lists and data sheets. Instead of generating manual data exports and using them in InDesign, all dynamic data such as product information, prices, associated pictograms etc. are obtained directly from the original data sources (PIM, ERP, DAM etc.).

Product templates that can be used for various publications are created in such a way that all individual elements are always linked to the associated data source and remain so even if the layout is changed after placement. This means that, for example, last-minute updates to prices or complete language changes in finished publications can be made directly in InDesign with just one click.

DDP also makes it possible to adjust the degree of automation as required. There's the option to set up scripts that incorporate your product range into the document according to a definable logic and automatically create new pages as well as a table of contents and index.

The implementation of such a semi- or fully automated solution significantly reduces the manual workload, minimizes errors as far as possible and ensures the consistency of publications. DDP can also be used to create regionalized or even personalized editions for customers, which significantly improves the customer experience.

Database publishing improves accuracy and customer satisfaction

Efficient publishing for all publications

Imagine an electronics store that offers a diverse range of products. The products are available in-store, online and in target group-specific product catalogs. As a distributor, the company has to maintain different prices – the sales price for end customers and different purchase prices for wholesalers and retailers.

The store advertises to customers that it offers the same prices both online and in the catalog. However, there have recently been complaints from customers that this price equality is not being maintained as advertised. An analysis of the processes revealed that errors had occurred due to the manual adjustment of prices and the growing number of products. In addition, flyers were sent to retailers in which purchase prices were published that were intended for wholesalers.

In response, the electronics retailer took action and implemented a DDP solution. This ensures that the latest prices are always used and that other relevant product information in all publications always matches the source where the data is maintained. The automated process also guarantees that the catalogs for end customers, retailers and wholesalers always show the correct prices.

Overall, the manual work processes have been optimized, significantly reducing the risk of errors and the associated losses. The graphics department can now concentrate on design, which increases the company's competitiveness and success.


Dynamic Database Publishing (DDP) is a perfect solution for all companies that want to create target group-specific publications flexibly, in a timely manner and correctly at all times. By using DDP, you can massively increase efficiency in the production of individual product overviews and at the same time ensure that they are always up-to-date. Whether semi-automated or fully automated: you benefit in any case!

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