Save costs and increase efficiency through process orchestration

by Sojo Nagaroor

14. July 2023 3 minutes

In the current uncertain economic environment, terms such as efficiency, productivity, cost savings and competitiveness are present daily. Decision makers are therefore increasingly willing to invest in performance-enhancing digital technologies – moving away from manual processes to fully automated ones.

That's why process orchestration is one of the key technologies that can help a company achieve significant cost savings and efficiency improvements.

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What is process orchestration and when does it come into play?

Process orchestration refers to the coordination and control of business processes through the use of workflow engines. It is intended for organizations with a variety of process endpoints (people, systems, devices) on the one hand, and for companies with a high level of process complexity on the other.

More about the term process orchestration

How does process orchestration help with efficiency and cost savings?

Rising customer experience requirements, the shortage of qualified personnel and increasing competitive pressure are factors that are leading companies to invest more in the automation of their business processes. Therefore, process orchestration with its numerous advantages is becoming more and more important.

Shortened lead time

Through the automation of system-overarching processes and the seamless transfer of tasks from one system to another, manual interventions and time-consuming handover processes are eliminated. This leads to shorter lead times and an overall acceleration of processes.

Efficient use of resources

The process orchestration ensures efficient use of resources by routing tasks to the appropriate people at the right time. It minimizes time-consuming administrative tasks and ensures optimal use of manpower, machines, and materials. Bottlenecks and unnecessary overloads can be avoided. The effective allocation of resources and smooth collaboration also leads to greater satisfaction among employees, as more work can be done in less time.

Error reduction

Automated control and monitoring of processes through process orchestration makes it possible to avoid errors caused by overload or manually executed activities. Tasks can be executed in the correct order and with the correct parameters, which reduces errors, rework and costs, contributing to better results.

Integration of obsolete systems

By being able to integrate obsolete systems into end-to-end processes, whether through interfaces or using Robotic Process Automation (RPA), companies can produce significant savings on the acquisition and integration costs of new, expensive systems.


Process orchestration enables companies to flexibly adapt their business processes to changing requirements, and thus offers scalability as an additional advantage. By modeling the processes in the BPMN 2.0 standard, adjustments can be made cost-effectively and time-saving within the model. This way, a company's process flows always remain up-to-date and flexible to meet the challenges of a constantly changing market.


Overall, it can be seen that process orchestration is an extremely valuable lever for companies. The ability to save time and costs, use resources more efficiently, reduce errors and respond to change agile opens up new opportunities to increase productivity, quality, and competitiveness.

Increase your competitiveness, productivity and quality

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