Boost your content efficiency with a clever keyword concept

by Veronika Altenbach

24. July 2023 3 minutes

Are you dealing with more and more content and want to manage it efficiently and present it appropriately? If so, a suitable keyword concept might help you.

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What are keywords and what is a keyword concept?

Keywords, or tags, are specific terms that describe the key meaning of a piece of content. They are identification characteristics that help to describe and classify content such as images, videos, and documents.

The keyword concept is the overarching plan, with a well-thought-out structure of all keywords. Together with the context, which gives the keywords the necessary semantics, it allows an efficient assignment of the relevant keywords to the content so that it can be described in an understandable way and makes it easier to be found. As a result, it represents a key aspect in digital content management and increases efficiency and productivity.

What are the benefits of well-chosen keywords?

Improved findability

Keywords serve as a bridge between content and users. Their descriptive function makes it easier to find the right digital content in content management systems (image management software, video databases, document management systems, etc.).

Efficient content organization

The keyword concept supports you in structuring your content according to several aspects by grouping it into meaningful categories and by topic. Having a structured organization like this allows you to deliver marketing campaigns and communication channels to specific target groups more efficiently.

Specific access authorization

By using specific keywords, you can also precisely assign access rights for managing, editing, or publishing digital content. This lets you easily control both access and usage.

What to consider when creating keywords?

Changing search behavior

User preferences and search behavior change continuously. Therefore, it is important to regularly review the keywords and adapt them to current search trends. Often, synonyms also help to keep different terms for the same keyword together.


In the case of keywords, a term can also have different interpretations and thus lead to misunderstandings. To avoid these, it is important to always consider the entire structure and context.


Your customers and your employees have their own conceptual world. Even within the company, marketing managers, for example, structure content according to different aspects than product managers. Consider all internal and external users in your keyword concept and create a common understanding.

The bottom line regarding keywords

Keywords play a central role in your digital content management and have a significant impact on its success. A well-thought-out keyword concept improves the findability of content, increases productivity, and ensures greater clarity and effectiveness across the board.

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