Akeneo 4 Update

by Veronika Altenbach

22. May 2020 1 minute
The Product Experience Management platform convinces with new functionalities
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Asset Manager

PIM users can visually manage product assets in Asset Manager. Thanks to the API extension, DAM systems can be seamlessly connected – ideally CELUM DAM. This allows the products to be enriched with media assets, which massively increases the product experience in the various output channels.

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Existing DAM solutions and other data sources, as well as all outbound (data destinations), can be easily integrated. With the new Connections Dashboard, data flows can be monitored securely and conveniently. By the way: The CELUM Connector is ready for Akeneo 4

Data Quality Insights

Data Quality Insights

Create great product experiences for your customers with high-quality product data. Use Data Quality Insights to

measure the data quality and consistency of your product data. Incorrect formatting and spelling errors are identified. And that's not all: you also receive suggestions for improvement.