Why business process management is becoming increasingly important

by Veronika Altenbach

28. November 2022 4 minutes

Business process management is an enormously important factor for the success of a company – unfortunately, it is often underestimated and put in the background. We show you why managing business processes is so important and what you should look out for!

  1. Why is business process management so important?
  2. How can companies improve their business processes?
  3. Advantages of a BPM system
  4. What tools are available in business process management?
  5. Examples of successful business process management projects
Why is business process management so important?

Do you know the following problem in your company? Processes have become confusing and there is no effective way to manage them, which in turn leads to inefficient workflows and dissatisfied customers. Add to this new challenges such as the shift of activities to the cloud and the increase in mobile employees, and processes become more complex. Business process management (BPM) can help address these challenges.

An effective BPM strategy can help an organization in a number of ways. For example, it can make your business operations more efficient, improving your competitiveness. The optimal design of your business processes thus makes a direct contribution to the company's success and sustainably enriches the internal and external relationships of your stakeholders.

How can companies improve their business processes?

Introduce business process management (BPM) – the English term is also becoming increasingly popular in German-speaking countries. Use BPM to promote the systematic design, control and monitoring of processes. Use a system to document, visualize and analyze your processes. Link other elements such as IT systems, documents, roles and risks. Fix weaknesses and identify opportunities for improvement. The better your processes are organized and documented, the more efficiently they can be executed by employees, which automatically results in higher customer satisfaction.

What tools are available in business process management?

There are various tools on the market that can be used to implement solid business process management. At brix, we rely on ADONIS and Camunda:


ADONIS BPMS is an excellent tool for digitization and documentation. The ability to customize ADONIS to your own needs creates an optimal working environment. Business processes can thus be recorded and documented quickly and easily – for more structure and efficiency.

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Camunda is the leading open source platform specialized in smart process and decision modeling. Camunda is especially strong in the area of process automation and convinces with its versatile functions. Whether complex workflows, simple decision processes or even analyses and reports – Camunda is the ideal platform for the automation of business processes.

BPM is not a pure IT solution, which is why effective business process management requires more than just the right tools. That's why it's important that all stakeholders in the company – from managers to employees in the individual teams – are involved in the implementation. This is the only way to ensure that BPM is truly effective.

Example of a successful business process management project
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Find out in our success story how the Ivoclar Group implemented customized approval processes in the Content Hub (Digital Asset Management System) through the use of a Business Process Management system, thus saving resources, time and costs.

Ensure the long-term satisfaction of your customers with BPM

If you would like more information about Business Process Management or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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