Why the investment in a brand portal is worthwhile

by Veronika Altenbach

23. November 2022 3 minutes

Brand portals are an effective way to improve customer experiences and strengthen customer loyalty. In this article, we explain what brand portals are and what benefits they offer.

What is a brand portal?

A brand portal is a centralized, web-based platform that enables companies to manage and orchestrate their communications, marketing, and sales activities. These portals are usually personalizable and allow users to filter content according to their needs. Brand portals are also able to deliver content to a variety of users and audiences. With their numerous functions, such as sharing content with other users and integrating with external applications, they enable companies to effectively manage their communication and marketing activities – uniformly and consistently.

Advantages of a brand portal
  • Centralized to manage all aspects of your brand
  • Consistent user experience for a consistent presentation of your brand
  • Efficient collaboration within and outside your organization
  • Extend brand reach
  • Customer acquisition and retention through a unique brand experience
Interplay between brand portal and digital asset management

In the joint webinar with our partner Smint.io, you will learn more about the worthwhile advantages of a brand portal. In addition, we will demonstrate how the interaction with a DAM system could look like.

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Why a brand portal is worthwhile

The use of a brand portal as a central point of contact for all communication activities of a brand has established itself as a successful means of increasing brand awareness and reach. By centrally managing content from different content sources (DAM, PIM, ERP, ECM, DMS) and orchestrating different communication activities, the target group is reached and a seamless customer journey is ensured. Furthermore, the consistent look & feel leads to a distinctive brand experience for all stakeholders.

Finally, continuous maintenance and further development of a brand portal is important. Therefore, when planning a portal solution, it should be carefully considered from the outset whether, in addition to the necessary resources for successful implementation, there are also those available for operation, so that your brand can also be experienced in the longer term.

Make your brand tangible

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