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Simple tools for agile collaboration in your teams

23. April 2020
CELUM Workroom® and FlowBoard® Webinar

The present situation confronts many of us with new challenges which need to be solved. There are many companies that have to deal with the digital transformation faster than expected. Marketing teams, for example, who are used to holding their creative briefings or reviews in a face-to-face meeting, have to find other ways of exchanging information within the team.

With the aim of facilitating the day-to-day work of different teams collaborating on projects, we have demonstrated CELUM Workroom® and FlowBoard® in our webinar today.

CELUM Workroom®

With the cloud-based CELUM Workroom®, your project teams can continue to organize themselves in an agile way, regardless of the location of the individual team members.

Map your individual process steps as a stream in your workroom, which are displayed as a Kanban board. Project tasks, which are to be completed by certain team members, can easily be assigned to the responsible persons.

The CELUM Workroom® can be used as an independent task management tool or in combination with your CELUM ContentHub.

Master new challenges by working with CELUM Workroom®.

CELUM FlowBoard®

Improve the collaboration and approval processes across all your projects. In order to design a new generation of workflows, parts of the Business Process Management Notation (BPMN2.0) were combined with a Kanban Board.

With CELUM FlowBoard®, you are able to map individual approval processes and feedback loops for team collaboration yourself, without the need for extensive IT support. Define responsibilities and create clear status transitions on your board. In addition, the board provides a complete overview of all project tasks, their status and who is currently working on them. The CELUM FlowBoard® enables you to implement projects quick and easy.

Fully integrate CELUM FlowBoard® with your CELUM ContentHub