Asset Order

The "Asset Order" plugin allows users that don't have download permissions in CELUM DAM to place an order for those assets.

Using the new context menu “Asset Order”, a user can generate an order for one ore multiple assets. After providing their email address (if it's not already provided through the logged in user), an order form opens where the user can provide further details, e.g. why he needs the assets. A collection of the ordered assets will be created when saving the order form.

Users who have permission for approval will be informed about the order via E-mail. Using the context menu on the collection, the order can either be approved or declined, whereupon the order is moved to a dedicated node. The user will be informed about the action via E-mail and receives a PIN link to download the approved assets.

If the user wants to order other assets, the order form is pre-populated with the already provided information and the additional assets will be added to the existing collection, as long as the collection has not yet run through the approval process.

The period of validity of the download PIN links, the root nodes for the collection (orders, approved orders, declined orders), the fields for the order form (including which should be mandatory) as well as the list of the user that can approve order are configurable during setup.

The extension “Asset Order” is useful in combination with brix:anura. With this combination, files for picture- and video galleries or downloads of documents can be made available for ordering on the website.