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Asset Order

With the «Asset Order» extension, you can make your media content on the CELUM ContentHub available to unauthorized persons via a straightforward ordering process.

Verify by using a specific order form who is using your assets for which purposes, and approve them after a careful check. The extension is often used with brix:anura. This allows a company to offer its document, image and video files for download via a publicly accessible media portal on the website.

The asset owner or dedicated user group is informed of incoming orders by e-mail. By calling up the context menu on the collection created for this purpose, the order can be released or rejected. The person placing the order is notified of the action by e-mail and receives a PIN download link for the released assets.

The validity of the PIN download link, the root node IDs for the collections (order orders, released orders, rejected orders), the fields of the order form (including definition of mandatory fields), and the list of authorized users can be configured during the setup process. The fields of the order form are stored as information fields on the collection node.

Include the extension «User Sync Field» to simplify the approval process and the administration of the users.