WordPress Connect

Create a seamless connection between WordPress and your CELUM ContentHub. The integration of the «Asset Picker» via an additional tab in the «Select File» dialog allows you to directly access the assets stored in CELUM from within the WordPress media library. Thereby, your media selection can be integrated directly into a post. Decide if you want the assets to be stored in the WordPress media library – for further use in other articles – or if you want to link the assets directly to the ContentHub. The latter ensures that any adjustments made in ContentHub will automatically affect your articles in WordPress.

To enable usage tracking, the brix Extension Direct Download is provided as part of WordPress Connect. By adding an asset from CELUM via WordPress Connect, the usage (linked or downloaded assets) can be automatically written to an information field of the asset to mark it in CELUM, for example with a «WordPress bullet». Separate bullets can be used to distinguish whether an asset is linked in the CMS, which means that deleting it in CELUM ContentHub has an immediate effect, or whether it has been downloaded, which means that deleting it in CELUM ContentHub has no effect at all. To mark the use in CELUM, we therefore recommend our plugin Asset Marker.

Via a separate WordPress configuration dialog, the API key of the CELUM user, the ID(s) of the CELUM root node(s) you want to use and the «Asset Picker» can be specified. Likewise, the desired download format for the use of the assets in WordPress can be defined for each media type. Lastly, a name can be defined for the two types of usage (download or link), which will be set as information field for downloaded or linked assets. The corresponding information field is defined in the configuration of the extension Direct Download.

System requirements:

  • 1 licensed API connection (for CELUM Asset Picker)
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