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New features of brix:anura / CELUM ContentLand

15. August 2019

Masonry View

In addition to the existing view options, such as the Gallery, Table and Collage View, the Masonry View has been lifted up to the latest tech-stack. It makes content accessible to the user quickly and easily via vertically stacked "cards".

Terms of Use

A new feature allows you to define your own logic for displaying terms of use in the download basket, so that these are only displayed under certain circumstances, e.g. for assets marked with the information field "for internal use only".

Asset Marker

Similar to the CELUM Extension Asset Marker, assets can now be enriched with additional icons and / or texts in brix:anura, based on the values of their information fields. For example, this allows the user to immediately recognize which assets have a copyright.

CELUM Authentication

With the "Access Protection" module, public access to brix:anura / CELUM ContentLand can now also be restricted by requiring a CELUM login. Furthermore, it is now possible to dynamically determine the endpoint based on membership of a CELUM user group. This enables users to view division-specific content, for example.

Global Filter

The content of every response can now be restricted globally via a filter in the back-end. For example you could define that no asset with an expired copyright should displayed. So when a visitor is searching for copyrighted assets, only assets that have a valid copyright will be displayed. The search criteria entered in the front-end are therefore always narrowed down automatically.