New CELUM Extension «Asset Order»

06. July 2018 2 minutes

The Asset Order extension allows a user to order of assets from CELUM DAM. To order assets, a user can simply select the desired assets, open the order form through the context menu, fill in the required fields and confirm the request. 

A collection of the ordered assets will be created in the background, users that have the permission to approve orders will be informed about it via E-mail and can then approve or decline the order in the context menu. After the approval process, the user that ordered the assets will be informed via E-mail, which contains a PIN-link to download the approved assets.

When additional assets are ordered, they get added to the existing collection and the order form is pre-populated, as long as the collection has not yet gone through the approval process.

The extension «Asset Order» can also be hooked up to brix:anura. With this combination, assets in picture- and video galleries or document downloads can be made available for ordering via a website.