CELUMIUM 2021 – Spring Edition

by Veronika Altenbach

17. May 2021 3 minutes
CELUMIUM 2021 – Spring Edition

The first part of CELUMIUM 2021 kicked off during an online mini-conference with selected keynote speeches and CELUM product updates.

In the Spring Edition, the new strategic partnership with the Swiss MarTech company Frontify was announced. Titled «Better together – Brand & Product Asset Management», the two CEOs, Michael Kräftner from CELUM and Roger Dudler from Frontify, jointly explained the benefits of the cooperation.

Harmonization of the brand and product worlds

The combination of the CELUM ContentHub with the Frontify brand platform will provide an extended range of functions for both systems in the future. On the one hand, Frontify will be able to better support companies with a high demand for product content thanks to CELUM, and on the other hand, CELUM customers will be able to optimize their brand communication with the cloud-based brand management platform Frontify.

With Frontify's proprietary design system, smart «on-brand» templates, as well as numerous integration options with a wide variety of design tools, corporate identity and corporate design is not only established in the company, but lived.

CELUM's platform complements all the above by covering the entire content lifecycle. This is especially important when large amounts of product content needs to be created, managed and distributed. It allows content to be orchestrated end-to-end and made available in CMS-, commerce- or marketing automation applications - for a unique product experience.

For the seamless connectivity of both systems, we contributed our part by providing Frontify Connect.

Best Practice Examples and Product Roadmap

An additional presentation used best practice examples and technical insights to demonstrate how the combination of CMS, marketing automation and DAM can be used to get the most out of the content.

In the end, the session was rounded off with the current CELUM product releases and the product roadmap.

We are looking forward to the CELUMIUM Summer Edition in September 2021 and hope to see some familiar faces in Linz.

Discover more about the Frontify Connector and how to use CELUM in combination with Frontify.