Practical advantages of a PIM-DAM combination

by Philipp Böhner

19. October 2021 2 minutes

In this news article you can learn more about how a combination of a PIM system and a DAM system is successfully used in practice by Transa Backpacking.

The presentation by Michael Meier, Head of IT at Transa Backpacking AG, took place during the CELUMIUM Summer Edition 2021.

The video gives insight on the benefits Transa got out of that combination, how the brix extensions «novomind Connect» and «Assignment Handler» help Transa with that and how a stronger connectivity and fewer interfaces reduced the effort to achieve better product experiences for customers and collaborators, online and offline.

Furthermore, you get a glimpse behind the scenes on the fundamental needs and preparation work for a successful PIM-Project, improving data quality and how this reduced returns, how data distribution was simplified and more.

Some highlights and learnings presented by Transa Backpacking in this video are:

  • The importance of data and it’s quality to the enterprise
  • The significance of the internal mind shift
  • Data responsibility vs. data potential
  • Standard PIM functionality + flexible data model enrichment = great impact

You have further questions how a combination of a PIM system and a DAM system could also help you?