novomind Connect: CELUM ContentHub and novomind iPIM in sync

by Philipp Böhner

20. October 2021 3 minutes

To create a successful customer journey, you need to effectively manage your product data, the foundation of your entire digital experience.

This news article provides insight into how to create a powerful force by linking two powerful systems, such as novomind iPIMand CELUM DAM, to help you manage the lifecycle of a product from development to marketing to consumer. Good harmonization and synchronization, as well as condensed collaboration across the enterprise, can reduce errors and effort, streamline and accelerate processes, and thus improve customer experiences and the product experience significantly.

The video (in English) is a recording of the masterclass «How valuable product content is used in the entire product lifecycle using CELUM and PIM», which took place at this year's; CELUMIUM Summer Edition in Linz, and demonstrates the powerful interaction between DAM and PIM using the brix connector «novomind Connect»,

In this video you will get among other things an explanation

  • why the responsibility for product information should lie with a PIM system, but the responsibility for assets (images, videos, documents, etc.) with a DAM system
  • how a clear regulation of responsibility helps to reduce errors
  • how the high-performance combined solution saves time and effort in the company
  • why product structures from the PIM system are helpful in the DAM system and how they massively facilitate and improve the search in the DAM system
  • how novomind iPIM – with a multitude of data sources and output points – functions as a single source of truth (SSOT) for product information

In addition, the video contains live demonstrations based on practical examples about

  • maintaining product categories and attributes at category, product and article level in the PIM system
  • monitoring product data quality in the PIM system
  • the allocation of assets in the PIM system
  • the possibilities for automation in data exchange
  • the magic of the interaction between CELUM ContentHub and novomind iPIM via the «novomind Connect» connector
  • the cross-system use of metadata by means of «Carbon Copy» (included in «novomind Connect»)

Have we aroused your interest? Do you also want to save time and multiple efforts in the maintenance of your product information and assets?

We are happy to help you with your concerns and questions.