Template generator for Camunda Connectors

by Kevin Lang

19. May 2023 2 minutes
Screenshot 2023 05 19 at 15 02 10

We are pleased to announce that our template generator for Camunda Connectors is now freely available as an open-source solution. Our goal is to simplify the development and maintenance of Camunda connectors for Java programmers. The template generator is a part of the «connector-utils» package, which is continuously extended and offers additional useful features.

The use of our template generator offers a variety of advantages. On the one hand, it allows a clear management of properties in a single class and on the other hand, it eliminates the tedious back and forth between class and template, which significantly improves efficiency and the development process.

In addition, the template generator avoids common errors by automatically adding required properties. The generator also minimizes the amount of typing required by providing sensible default values and a condensed representation of properties. This saves developers time and allows them to focus on essential tasks.

The template generator makes the implementation, debugging, and maintenance of connectors more efficient without compromising quality. We are proud to have made a first contribution to the Camunda community and are looking forward to the feedback.

All information about this project, including the source code, is freely available on GitHub. We invite everyone interested to explore the project and take advantage of the template generator.

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