More transparency with a proper process documentation

by Veronika Altenbach

14. July 2022 3 minutes

Our entire lives are full of sequences – things we do in a specific order. We learn since birth that actions are linked together to achieve a certain goal. We also encounter different sequences in our everyday working lives. Basic ones and extremely complex ones, unique ones and often recurring ones. But how can we remember all these processes?

Business Process documentation

Documenting business processes has not become a new trend. It has long been an important pillar in many companies. The only question is where and in what form it is done.

How are processes documented in your company?

  • Is your process documentation gathering dust in a filing cabinet and is long outdated?
  • Do the processes only exist in the heads of your employees, and do they get lost when the employees leave the company?
  • What systems or methods do you use for your process documentation?
  • How do you document processes, and what are your experiences?

We would like to hear how you record processes in your company, what benefits you derive from them, and what challenges you have encountered during implementation.

We look forward to exchanging ideas with you. Write to us.

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What are the benefits of documenting business processes?

  • Obtain a consistent overview of your company's entire process landscape.
  • Promote a common understanding of your business processes using internationally recognized standards (BPMN 2.0).
  • Ensure clarity by assigning processes, activities, systems and documents to individual people or roles.
  • Record important information by linking work instructions and relevant documents to the process or task.
  • Define clear responsibilities, who can decide what and who can release the next process steps.
  • Detect sources of errors, inconsistencies or duplicated work by your employees by recording who does what, when and why.
  • Ensure that your processes comply with legal requirements, guidelines and standards.
  • Let your employees participate in the process optimization by making all processes available transparently.

The bottom line for process documentation

By documenting your processes, you will gain a better understanding of cross-departmental dependencies. You record responsibilities and can identify and optimize bottlenecks or duplicated process steps. And all this in one system, in the same standard, in a consistent model. This makes business processes easy to understand for everyone and accessible to the entire company.

A solid basis for the next steps towards digital transformation.

The most important step is the first

We will be happy to advise you and accompany you on the path to process digitization

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