How a PIM helps you to unlock sales potential

by Veronika Altenbach

26. September 2022 3 minutes

To make the most out of the opportunities offered by digitization, not only new technologies but also rethought business models are crucial. Changes in infrastructure, corporate structure and the way companies operate and think play a central role in this.

In such complex digital ecosystems, companies are required to centralize data, break down silos, optimize processes and create new networks.

In the retail sector, in addition to customer data, product data and its management and use are of great importance. In most cases, many different sales and marketing channels have to be served. To cover their needs without increasing the effort immeasurably, it is therefore crucial to have processes in place to centralize and streamline product information and media.

A PIM system – the golden mean
Akeneo Scheme PIM DE 2

A Product Information Management System (PIM) at its core is a productivity tool and unlocks new growth and revenue potential.

With a PIM, you significantly shorten your «time-to-market». Product information can be quickly created, retrieved and approved without detours. You also create a better shopping experience for your consumers and increase product sales through automated workflows. Large volumes of data are handled instantly. This saves time and resources.

Face your competition with more competitive product information and better images. And save time searching for product information.

When is the use of a PIM system worthwhile?
  • Your product data is used in different output channels
  • Your product data is maintained and enriched in different systems
  • Checking and approval of product information is done manually (e.g. in an Excel list)
  • High error rate due to many manual sub-steps in product data maintenance
What obstacles can a PIM system overcome?

A PIM helps you to react quickly to trends. Let's take the retail market as an example: here, the time to market of a new product is crucial. The first company that can be present with high-quality product data can also score first with a solid market presence and positively influence purchasing decisions with relevant information.

For international companies, the localization of product information also plays an important role. A good PIM system also provides the fundamentals for this.

Not to mention: connectivity to third-party systems. A strong PIM can be seamlessly integrated into your system landscape, reducing duplication of effort and helping you to achieve consistent, high-quality data.

Increase your sales in all distribution channels with Akeneo PIM

The central source for your valuable product data

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