Process documentation

What is process documentation?

Process documentation forms the foundation for process optimization. The steps required to carry out a business process are visualized with graphic elements and recorded in structured text elements in a comprehensible manner.

A process map in which management, core and supporting processes are documented in detail, and responsibilities and interfaces are recorded, provides a transparent overall view of the company's operational organization. It is an important point of reference for employees and managers.

Constant actualization makes the work an extremely effective tool to help you find your way around the company.

What is the purpose of process documentation?

Process documentation provides valuable insights into what is going on within a company. It not only forms the basis for optimization, but also serves as an orientation aid and information base for:

  • Process coordination at all levels (tasks, responsibilities, interfaces, methods, tools, etc.)
  • Training and qualification, i.e. onboarding and training of employees and managers
  • Communication with internal and external partners, such as dealers, suppliers, subsidiaries, etc.
  • Process audits and certifications
How does process documentation help you specifically?

If a process is not documented, it is usually redesigned every time it is carried out by a new person. This wastes an unnecessary amount of time. Clean process documentation, on the other hand, ensures knowledge transfer and saves time and resources.

In addition, a visualized, transparent process can be optimized much more easily and quickly.

The proactive management of processes brings the following benefits:

  • increases productivity
  • ensures knowledge transfer
  • saves costs
  • increases quality
  • provides more security
  • frees resources for other important tasks

Conclusion: Proper process documentation provides context for process interrelationships that serve a company's goal and illustrates what is necessary to achieve positive business results. It is an elementary component of Business Process Management (BPM).

More transparency with clear process documentation