CELUM Release 23.12

by Michael Degiampietro

05. January 2024 3 minutes

Shortly before the end of the year, CELUM released the new version 23.12.

The following functions are particularly noteworthy:

Product Content Management

Content creators now have the option of defining extended rules that take the status of assets into account. This means that a compound object is only considered complete when all necessary elements are present and in a valid state. The rule for validating assets can be defined using a status metadata field, such as a dropdown or checkbox, by setting the expected value to «valid/approved».

To give a concrete example: A «Compound Object» of the type «Webshop» is only considered complete when all assets for all required elements such as «Back», «Detail View» and «Front» are present and have also been marked as «valid» for use in the store. The «Content distribution» metadata field must contain the value «Webshop».

01 edit compound type

Compound Objects

To simplify the work of content creators who work with incomplete content, the option has been added to create placeholder assets for all missing but necessary elements of a compound object with a single click.

Content REST API

CELUM Content 23.12 includes the next stage of the Content REST API – the modern, unified API for all future integrations and projects. Highlights of this version include additional support for events via webhooks and the ability to load Nova front-end extensions from remote locations. In addition, front-end extensions can now register automatically when CELUM Content is started.

Compound Objects have also been released for the Content REST API to be used in integrations.

Other exciting new features

  • Hiding empty fields in the detail view of an asset to increase clarity.
  • Reinstating the original file name of a version in the version selection drop-down menu in the asset detail view. This makes it easier for users to understand the relevance of a particular version, especially in organizations that use file naming conventions.

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