Clariant chooses CELUM ContentHub with brix as their implementation partner

by Veronika Altenbach

06. July 2020 4 minutes
Welcome Clariant!

We are pleased to welcome Clariant as a new customer after an intense evaluation phase. The decision was made after CELUM as manufacturer, and we as implementation partner had been carefully evaluated by Clariant's management team, based on a Proof of Concept (PoC).

PoC to help reach a decision

After a pre-evaluation by Clariant, the remaining providers were invited to participate in the PoC. In the first phase of the PoC, we were allowed to set up the CELUM ContentHub in a test infrastructure based on Clariant's requirements. During a comprehensive test session, selected key users went through the predefined use cases and evaluated them according to defined criteria.

In a next step, the Clariant project team extensively tested the functionalities of the ContentHub. During this process, we provided advice and support at all times. The ability to easily integrate the CELUM ContentHub into the existing IT infrastructure and the goal-oriented cooperation between all parties were crucial aspects in winning the project.

Integration into an existing environment

Since the decision was made – about a month ago – we have been working closely with the Clariant project team on the implementation. This involves building on the knowledge gained from the PoC and ensuring optimal integration into the existing system landscape.

In addition, our software engineers are implementing an interface to Sitecore to synchronize the product structure. The integration into Brandic, the well-known solution for the creation of CI-compliant PowerPoint presentations, is carried out via API of brix:anura.

Standard modules and extensions

With a minimal effort, we can install and configure the CELUM marketplace plug-in Sitecore Connect for accessing assets directly from the Sitecore CMS, Auto-tagging for automated tagging of assets and Face Recognition for the discovery of employee images to ensure data protection and compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

In addition to our CELUM extensions Create Collection, Asset Marker and Global Statistics, which we make available to all of our customers free of charge, the following standard extensions have been licensed:

Integration into a new brand portal

We are also planning to integrate the CELUM ContentHub into the new brand portal via ContentLand (brix:anura), so that Clariant can handle all the data maintenance of its multimedia content via a central hub.


We are looking forward to a successful and exciting project that is scheduled to be launched on October 1, 2020 – including the migration of data from various existing systems.

Clariant CELUM Dashboard