How do you recognize that your company needs a DAM system?

by Veronika Altenbach

09. October 2023 4 minutes

Organizations are constantly creating, editing and distributing a wealth of digital assets such as images, videos, documents and graphics to stay competitive in today's business world. Keeping track of and efficiently managing these valuable assets can be a real challenge. That's where a digital asset management (DAM) system comes in – because nothing works better, marketing-wise, than visual communication. Not only can a DAM system help streamline this complex process, but it can also significantly increase your company's efficiency and productivity. But how do you determine if your company needs a DAM system?

In this post, we highlight the top five signs that your company could benefit from a digital asset management system.


5 clues to the need for a DAM system


Are your employees spending more time searching for images, videos and other assets? Are they frustrated that these are decentralized on different servers, in emails, at the advertising agency or on different hard drives? This is a clear indicator that your organization could benefit greatly from a DAM system.

A DAM system provides a central database where all files are structured, tagged and easy to find. This quickly leads to more productivity.

2. Collaboration issues

Do your teams work in different locations or do you collaborate on projects with external partners? Are there multiple versions of files in circulation or confusing email correspondences that make collaboration complex and inefficient?

A DAM system provides you with tools that simplify collaboration, enable version control, and facilitate file sharing. This contributes significantly to increasing business efficiency.

3. Difficulty complying with brand guidelines

Are you finding it challenging to maintain a consistent brand presence across your organization? Do you have difficulty accessing brand-related elements such as logos, graphics, and color palettes?

A DAM system allows you to centrally store and manage brand assets to ensure your brand presence remains consistent.

4. Challenges in dealing with copyrights

Have there been any incidents where you have violated the copyrights of certain assets? Has your company already experienced financial penalties or legal consequences due to copyright infringement?

A DAM system can help ensure copyright compliance by providing a centralized database of licensing information and usage permissions. It helps minimize the risk of legal issues and increases your customers' and business partners' confidence in your business practices.

5. Growing data volumes

Is your storage space running out? Do you find it difficult to keep track of your ever-growing collection of digital assets? Or have your stakeholders' requirements increased as your business grows?

A DAM system helps you scale seamlessly to keep up with growth. It ensures that everything is organized and remains easily accessible through manual as well as automated processes.

The right choice

Make the right choice when selecting a DAM system

If you are facing these challenges, it is advisable to take the time to evaluate a suitable digital asset management system. This is a valuable investment in your digital future, as it will increase efficiency and improve control over your digital assets. However, it is important to carefully think through the selection of a DAM system to ensure it meets your organization's specific needs and goals.

Are you ready to improve control over your digital assets?

Start evaluating a DAM system that meets your needs starting today

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