Recap – 10th CELUM User Group Meeting

by Michael Degiampietro

30. November 2023 4 minutes

On November 22 and 23, the members of the CELUM Usergroup (CUG) met during the webXpert Conference in Essen. In addition to various user group meetings, the hybrid community event also featured interesting presentations on the current hype topic of artificial intelligence (AI). Around 130 participants took part over the two days, with around two thirds physically attending – a great success overall.

The first day began with the annual CUG general meeting. After a brief review of past activities, the goals and future activities of the user group were discussed intensively. Finally, it was decided to promote interaction within the group and to meet several times a year. This gave rise to the idea of a bi-monthly, informal online meeting, where members can discuss current topics and challenges in the use of CELUM over coffee breaks.

Furthermore, elections to the Board of Directors were held this year. The previous Board (consisting of Carsten Bischof, Oliver Häuser, Michael Degiampietro and Michael Brinkert) was unanimously re-elected. In addition to Michael Brinkert, Elke Naraschewski and Manuel Dal Ben are now also members of the Board as customer representatives, which the previous Board is very pleased about.

Matthias Wankel and Jens Finkbeiner, who had been auditors for many years, were thanked and replaced by Henning Klingbeil and Roy Kraft, who were also elected unanimously.

In the afternoon, the focus was on the exchange with the manufacturer. Michael Kräftner, CEO at CELUM, and Alessandro Kurzidim, Chief Product Officer, gave an exciting insight into CELUM's strategy and new products. Afterward, Alessandro, supported by Melanie Schedl, Product Manager Marketplace, and Georg Payreder, Team Lead TechSales, were available to answer questions.

On the second day, Michael Degiampietro, Deputy CEO and Head of Content Management at brix, gave practical insights into the use of CELUM. He presented three ways in which the use of CELUM can be made even more efficient.

Johannes Tappmeier, CCO at comspace, then explained more about the use of automatic tagging within CELUM and the possibilities of integrating a chatbot.

CI HUB, represented by Andreas Michalski and Gerd Glaser, explained how their plug-ins can improve collaboration between CELUM and the Adobe Creative and MS Office apps. They also provided exciting insights into the near future, including a slimmed-down version for the Office connector and CI HUB Drive to further simplify working with DAM content.

Besides the presentations, the focus was on networking, both within and outside the user group. There were plenty of opportunities to do so, plus the social get-together on the first evening was excellent.

We warmly invite you to come along to one of the next «Coffee Breaks» even if you are not yet a CUG member. The first event will take place on January 19, 2024, from 13.15 to 15.00 and thereafter every two months. Drop in and become a member – the CELUM Usergroup is excited to meet new faces!

Discover the world of CELUM! Curious?

Be part of the first «Coffee Break» in January 2024 and become part of our community!

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