New and improved Plugins on our CELUM Extension Store

28. August 2018

Once again, there are four new extensions available on our CELUM Extension Store, as well as many improved extensions based on the needs of our customers.

New Extensions:

Improved Extensions:

  • brix:anuranow with faceted metadata search
  • Direct Download → Setting for default download format, usage tracking (the asset usage is automatically written to an information field of the asset) e.g. for CMS connectors
  • Upload Request Authentication as CELUM user enforcable, save mode selectable (create folder, choose folder or let the uploader decide), preset of text information fields, maximum file upload size definable, added branding properties
  • Global Statistics → Colored chart for the storage space, configurable e-mail recipient to be notified about license violations, display node information in sidebar
  • Duplicate Check and Sync → Filter for asset types added, navigation through the overview page, enhanced performance
  • Asset Marker → CELUM 5.13 compatibility, flexible configuration
  • Batch search & download → Custom search criteria can be added, search via exact match and beginning of words available
  • Asset Exporter → Combination of several search criteria on search export tasks
  • Copy Structure → CELUM 5.13.3 compatibility
  • Create Collection → Processing nodes are marked with "IS_RUNNING"
  • Carbon Copy → Force overwrite from information fields on nodes to written through to the assets with a task
  • Auto delete task → Deleted assets will also be removed from trash bin
  • Event Dispatcher → Added additional parameters to the default dispatchers (name and file name, when applicable)
  • Asset Statistics → PIN downloads and reason for brix:anura downloads added, improved UI
  • Batch rename and sort → Added action menu entry, configuration option to show or hide the action menu entry and for parsing of date fields

We would also be happy to implement customer-specific extensions for you. Please contact us if you have specific needs.

More Information: CELUM Extension Store