Process visualization – The optimal choice of software

by Kevin Lang

16. October 2023 4 minutes

In the previous article «Choosing the right modeling standard for process documentation», we compared the most common standards for representing processes. In this article, we will focus on suitable tools for visualizing your workflows that are based on the internationally recognized BPMN 2.0 standard.

Prozessvisualisierung Die optimale Softwarewahl

Simple process visualization for department heads and small teams

Max, department head in a small company with three employees, has been given the task of digitizing the processes in his department. As no process modeling software is currently in use throughout the company, Max is looking for a suitable solution. He wants to visualize the internal workflows with little effort and in the shortest possible time so that they can be better understood, analyzed and optimized by his employees. It also supports the onboarding of new team members, as the processes are easier to explain visually. In his search for a suitable solution, Max came across Cawemo from Camunda, an online tool that is available free of charge and offers the following benefits.


Advantages of Cawemo

  • Log in and get started right away (registration required)
  • Free modeling of processes according to BPMN 2.0 (workflows) and DMN (decision tables)
  • Several people can work on a model at the same time, which has a positive effect on collaboration
  • Annotate models and elements to insert important information and discussions directly into the model
  • Easy sharing of models by inviting internal and external contributors
  • Export and import functions for models in XML format and conversion to PNG and SVG
  • Organize models by creating projects and a clear folder structure
  • User roles and permissions to ensure that only authorized people have access

ADONIS BPM Suite: The solution for holistic process visualization

Claudia, responsible for process management in a global company with a workforce of over 250 employees, is leading the «process digitization» project. The main objective is to document all company processes down to the smallest detail in a clear and easy-to-find manner. Claudia is aware that process maps and an efficient search function are essential for this. To provide the company management with a comprehensive overview of all processes, Claudia is looking for a suitable software solution. This should not only visualize process dependencies, but also support role management and enable the administration of associated documents. It should also be possible to record and evaluate risks, register IT systems and analyze key figures. In short, the desired goal is to create a digital twin of the company. During her search, Claudia came across the BPM-Suite from ADONIS, which enables the holistic visualization of company processes.

04 Collaborative BPM v04

Advantages of ADONIS

  • Browser-based BPM-Suite, no software installation required
  • Free online trial version and transparent pricing
  • 13 different diagram types and numerous objects
  • Good overview of all processes and models using process maps and an efficient search function
  • Linking of all objects through relationships
  • Graphical representation of relationships and dependencies
  • Evaluation of models and objects in ready-made or individual reports
  • User-oriented views according to tasks in the system
  • Approval workflow for processes and documents
  • Collaborative comment functions on models and objects

The right choice of tool: flexibility and collaboration at the heart of process optimization

The choice of tool depends largely on your objectives. It is advisable to start with simple and cost-effective systems and later switch to more comprehensive solutions as required. It is crucial to choose a uniform process modeling standard that can be transferred smoothly from one system to another. In the area of business process management, close collaboration with all stakeholders is of the utmost importance. We therefore recommend the use of online systems that promote collaborative work. In this way, concerns about change can be minimized and processes are actively shaped instead of disappearing into oblivion.

Start visualizing your processes today!

Find the right tool that meets your requirements and actively bring your business processes to life.

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