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New and improved CELUM Extensions & Connectors

28. August 2019

New Extensions

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Relation Handler

Create multiple relationships between multiple assets simultaneously in a single step and visualize the availability of relations.


Image Rotator

Rotate images and save as new version or as new asset


Public URL for Conversions

Enables direct download of the asset from the public URL stored on the asset without conversion. This extension is also useful for managing "dummy assets" where the binary is present in a third party system.


Optimized Extensions

Asset Exporter: create new job

Asset Exporter

New export destinations: Sharepoint, MS Azure Blob Storage and Internal resp. Public URLs (for own Delivery Server), OR link for search criteria, export status for successful resp. faulty exports, e-mails for export errors

define upload request

Upload Request

Progress bar during upload, duplicate check (can be restricted to folders), selection of NodRef values restricted to subtree, information field dependencies of checkboxes taken into account

  • akeneo:connect 
    Handler for deleting assets, support for Akeneo 3 (incl. Reference Entities), conditions for NodeRef values can be defined, e-mails in case of sync errors
  • wordpress:connect 
    Support for WordPress 5.2
  • typo3:connect 
    FAL (File Abstraction Layer) Support
  • magnolia:connect 
    Support for Magnolia 6.1
  • Carbon Copy 
    Performance Optimization Thanks to Thread Pool
  • Copy Structure 
    Feedback if structure is copied, progress indicator for paste
  • Asset Marker 
    empty information fields selectable as condition

In addition, many new features have been implemented for brix:anura.

We are happy to develop and implement customized and specific extensions to your CELUM DAM. Please get in touch with us.