People, processes and data in beautiful Vienna

by Philipp Böhner

15. September 2022 5 minutes

BPM interested people from all over the world

The big strategic partner meeting of the BOC took place in the beautiful city of Vienna on September 8th and 9th. The meeting has become a hotspot for Business Process Management and has brought together BPM interested people from all over the world.

Over 400 customers, partners and BOC employees gathered in the appealing, historic location of Schönbrunn Palace in Vienna for numerous, very exciting presentations and insights around topics such as process management, process documentation, cybersecurity, compliance and knowledge transfer. The professional contributions were framed by a cheerful atmosphere, good conversations, wonderful delicacies and great hospitality of the BOC Group.

Exciting impulse and insights

The astounding insights in the individual contributions were particularly inspiring. It was very convincing that BOC customers presented themselves and that a lot of conviction came across.

In the presentations, we were shown how process organization can be used successfully for everything from small tasks to gigantic global challenges. In particular, topics such as visualization, coordination, transformation and knowledge transfer stood out. Here are just a few examples of these topics:


In a presentation by Uniqa Insurance Group, we were shown clearly what one of the great gains is when a company has a handy tool for process management in use: Visualization. Through a Digital Twin of one's own company, relevant processes can be made transparent and understandable. The resulting common understanding of customer needs and interactions, as well as of internal processes, is an elementary basis for a company's own optimization efforts.


How can a common alignment be achieved across many countries, languages and divisions? A common platform is needed. This was impressively demonstrated in the presentation of the pharmaceutical giant Novartis, which uses ADONIS and ADOIT from BOC to uniformly align over 80,000 applications worldwide in the entire Novartis ecosystem.

In the contribution from the Theo Müller Group, the audience learned how an initial idea was developed into a process organization that functions in day-to-day business and helps to successfully make processes sustainable across many subsidiaries.


In their presentation, Roche showed how they have created a foundation for their global transformation efforts with ADONIS. The goal here is a fully integrated, digital backbone for the entire pharmaceutical group. The benefits are clear for Roche: global standards to achieve comprehensive data compliance and uniform process documentation of high quality.

Knowledge transfer

When it comes to knowledge transfer, the example of Victorinox – one of our long-standing customers who we have the privilege of supporting around DAM and CI HUB – is absolutely worth mentioning. Victorinox has established a company-wide process management system that is actually being lived. After all, how can employees live something that they are not informed about? Victorinox relies here on a carefully thought-out, target-group-specific concept for the introduction and training of employees. This training program and all of its sub-processes itself are part of the company's process organization. In this way, Victorinox ensures that its employees are introduced step by step to the world of processes, its process documentation and organization, as well as ensuring that the goals, benefits, opportunities and responsibilities are clear and understandable to them.

From a small, Swiss manufacturer of running shoes, On has now long become a strong and globally known player. On shoes are now as accepted and widely represented on the jogging circuit as they are on the management floors of companies. So, what does this change do to a company, how are values and strengths taken along, and how are challenges of growth met? On's presentation made tangible how process management and process organization in particular have provided valuable help and guidance in scaling.

Quality assurance

Among other things, we were shown how Swarovski Crystal Business uses its process management system and how this – maintained with decentralized modeling – ensures compliance. Furthermore, it was presented how process documentation is also used for audit and certification projects and thus supports the company in maintaining its own quality.

What a great experience it was

We would also like to recommend the review of the BOC itself.

It was very nice. We say thank you BOC and will be happy to come again.

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