New and improved Plugins on our CELUM Extension Store Aug 2018

by Veronika Altenbach

28. August 2018 3 minutes

New Extensions:

Improved Extensions:

  • brix:anura → now with faceted metadata search
  • Direct Download → Setting for default download format, usage tracking (the asset usage is automatically written to an information field of the asset) e.g. for CMS connectors
  • Upload Request → Authentication as CELUM user enforcable, save mode selectable (create folder, choose folder or let the uploader decide), preset of text information fields, maximum file upload size definable, added branding properties
  • Global Statistics → Colored chart for the storage space, configurable e-mail recipient to be notified about license violations, display node information in sidebar
  • Duplicate Check and Sync → Filter for asset types added, navigation through the overview page, enhanced performance
  • Asset Marker → CELUM 5.13 compatibility, flexible configuration
  • Batch search & download → Custom search criteria can be added, search via exact match and beginning of words available
  • Asset Exporter → Combination of several search criteria on search export tasks
  • Copy Structure → CELUM 5.13.3 compatibility
  • Create Collection → Processing nodes are marked with «IS_RUNNING»
  • Carbon Copy → Force overwrite from information fields on nodes to written through to the assets with a task
  • Auto delete task → Deleted assets will also be removed from trash bin
  • Event Dispatcher → Added additional parameters to the default dispatchers (name and file name, when applicable)
  • Asset Statistics → PIN downloads and reason for brix:anura downloads added, improved UI
  • Batch rename and sort → Added action menu entry, configuration option to show or hide the action menu entry and for parsing of date fields

We would also be happy to implement customer-specific extensions for you. Please contact us if you have specific needs. 

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